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About Us

If you are looking for professional aerial photography and videography, you’re in the right cloud.
Smart Aerials brings you the ultimate drone and cable cam solutions.

Alex Bonet Smart

Founder & Pilot

Gorka Morgan

Photographer & Camera Operator

Cristina Sánchez

Marketing & PR

Miquel Muntaner

Videographer & Editor

About Us

Smart Aerials took off in 2011 in the heart of an Australian road trip. I had the honor to meet and learn directly from Chris Vogelzang, director and pilot of Extreme Aerials. It was the beginning of an amazing entrepreneurial project which has shaped and changed my life since.

Five years later, the team has grown larger with a highly motivated, specialized crew delivering a reliable and professional product.

Smart Aerials is registered in AESA ( Spanish FAA ) as an official UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) company and complies with all laws and regulations required.

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Our Goals


SMART AERIALS is constantly growing and maturing as a solid team. Our goal is to provide our clients with a customized and professional service.


SMART AERIALS has rapidly adapted to the new needs and limitations of aerial photography. Our aerial platform allows us to surf the skies and indoor spaces providing highly stabilized images.


Smart Aerials is a pioneering, professional team providing the latest aerial technology and always aiming for perfection.

Our Skills

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SMART AERIALS brings you the ultimate aerial solutions, We provide a high quality stabilized aerial image for both outdoor and indoor events. We specialize in advertising, Real Estate, sports, night clubs, social events, conferences, corporate TV channels and archeology.Please have a look at our services and let us know in which way we can contribute to your project.


Our high-end industrial drone offers an amazing new perspective for film production and photography in a flawless, ecological and economical way. Our live view imagery allows you to participate and actively direct the shoot.


We are pioneers in capturing aerial images over crowds of people and in any other situation which cannot be covered by the drone. Our cable cam is very silent and it makes a perfect choice when discretion is needed.

Equipment & Limitations

Drone XL Oktokopter

  • Aeronavix
  • SKYJIB X4 QiTx
  • Dual Operator
  • Retractible landing gear
  • 360 View
  • 3 Axis brushless stabilizer
  • Up to 2.5 Kg camera

Drone Quadrocopter

  • Video up to4k UHD
  • Photo 12mpx RAW
  • No Fish Eye
  • 3 Axis stabilized gimbal
  • Discreet
  • Economic

Cable Cam

  • Industrial CART
  • Min/Max. speed - 1-30Km/h
  • Max. climb - 20º
  • Up to 190 meters line
  • 360 View
  • 3 Axis brushless stabilizer
  • Up to 2.7 Kg camera


  • Sony A7
  • Canon 5D Mark III
  • Sony A7Sii
  • Your camera/Your lense choice
  • 24 Mpx RAW photo
  • FULL HD Video 50p

Drone Limitations

  • Distances under 8 km of any Airport
  • Over crowds of people
  • Over urban areas
  • At night
  • Okto- Over 20mph wind
  • Quad- over 15mph wind
  • In rain

Cable Cam Limitations

  • Unreliable anchor points
  • OVER 100mtr continuos trajectory
  • Over 25mph cross wind
  • In rain
  • Local authority permit denial

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Carrer de Joan XXIII
07100, Sóller
Balearic Islands

+34 675 19 17 87